Hi, I'm

Maxi Ferreira

I'm a software engineer and data scientist based in Córdoba, Argentina.


July 30, 2019

Talk: Introduction to Svelte 3

Slides, demos, and recording (in Spanish) of my Introduction to Svelte 3 talk at the BeerJS Córdoba meetup, given this past Thursday, July 25th at Tarjeta Naranja.

March 12, 2019

2018 Year in Review

I know most people write these in January. Some even publish them during the first week of the year. Well, I'm not most people, and I'm really good at postponing things. Better late than never, right?

September 6, 2018

The 117-Day Challenge

It's September already. Do you also get the felling that the year is pretty much over at this point? I know I do. Here's my plan to try to make the most out what's left of 2018.

August 28, 2018

Getting Started

You have to start somewhere.

About Me

Hello there 👋

I'm Maxi, a software engineer, data scientist, father, husband, and human of two dogs. It's nice to meet you :)

I've been working on software development for over a decade. I'm an engineer at heart and I've been writing code for most of my career, but I've also worn the hats of Technical Lead, Freelance Web Designer, and Coding Bootcamp Instructor in the past. My programming languages of choice are JavaScript and Python.

I'm a data nerd and a web performance enthusiast. I find pleasure in solving hard problems, helping businesses achieve their goals, and making customers happy.

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There are no comments on this website, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love hearing from you! If you'd like to reach out for whatever reason, the best way to do it is via email at hello@thisdomain.com .

You can also find me on the usual places: Twitter - GitHub - LinkedIn.